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  • Hand wash using only pH neutral soaps and proper wash media.

  • Thoroughly clean and dress seats, vinyl, rubber hoses and plastic including all painted metal surfaces.

  • Carefully clean wheels using special tools and chemicals specifically designed for the safe removal of brake dust, dirt, and grime from even the most delicate of wheel finishes.

  • Clay all painted surfaces and glass to remove bonded surface contaminants.

  • Polish metal and chrome trim.

  • Perform a TWO-STAGE machine polish to remove most swirls, water spots, and light scratches.

  • Apply a long lasting and durable synthetic sealant or natural wax, depending on your preference.

  • Clean all glass surfaces to a streak-free shine.

(Optional) Application of one of our ceramic coatings. More info here.

Service takes approximately 5-8 hours

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