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All of our packages begin with a thorough cleaning of the tires and wheels.  Tires are often overlooked by many vehicle owners, and therefore are rarely cleaned properly before applying tire dressing.  The use of common silicone tire dressings combined with dirt accumulation will create a thick layer of grime on the surface that will ultimately dry out the rubber resulting in a worn, dirty appearance.  This dirt and grime is removed to reveal a better looking tire and to help keep the rubber healthy.

We then turn our attention to the wheels, which are subjected to a tremendous amount of dirt and brake dust buildup with normal use.  These harmful contaminates can wreak havoc on the finish of your wheels if they are not properly taken care of.  Using pH neutral wheel cleaners and specialized tools, we can effectively clean the barrels as well as the faces of the wheels.  Once clean, your wheels will be sealed to help protect them and make maintenance easier.

Now that your wheels and tires are properly cleaned, we proceed with a thorough ​exterior cleaning and decontamination process.  Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we may opt to do a foam pre-soak to help break down dirt and grime before washing.  Next, the vehicle will be washed using premium, pH neutral shampoo and the 2 bucket wash method to ensure no additional swirls or scratches are created.  

Once the loose dirt has been removed from the paint, we begin a series of chemical and mechanical decontamination steps to remove bonded contamination such as rail dust, tar, bug guts, and other general contaminates.  This process leaves your paint feeling as smooth as glass, and ensures your paint is truly clean and ready for polishing.

Once the paint is perfectly clean, we begin the inspection process to identify all flaws and visible defects.  Paint thickness readings are taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle, and then it is time to begin the paint correction process.  Our Paint Correction Process that will help to remove swirls as well as moderately heavy defects to reveal a dramatically clearer, more glossy surface.  We perform a series of test spots to develop a completely custom process tailored to provide the best possible results for your specific vehicle.  Our knowledge and expertise of the paint correction process allow us to produce incredible results time and time again.

After your paint has been refined, we apply a premium carnauba wax or synthetic sealant to provide protection from the elements. This natural wax or synthetic sealant leaves an even slicker feeling on the surface, while acting as a sacrificial barrier for an average of 4-12 months. After this time, you will need to apply a new layer of protection.

(OptionalAfter your paint has been properly corrected, we apply 2 coats of our Nano Coating for incredible protection and gloss (more layers can be applied upon request).  This coating reduces the amount of required maintenance needed to keep your paint looking great, and also provides an important layer of protection that is far superior to traditional waxes or sealants.  ​

To wrap up your service, we turn our attention to the smaller details.  We polish your exhaust tips to remove carbon buildup and restore a like new shine.  Your interior receives a quick vacuuming, and UV protection is applied to all plastic and vinyl surfaces.  Glass is cleaned inside and out.  Tires are dressed with a quality water-based, no sling dressing.  When we are all through with your vehicle, it will look simply amazing!



Nano coatings are the latest evolution in automotive surface protection technology.  These products work to provide a significantly stronger form of protection that lasts years rather than weeks or months like traditional waxes and sealants.  

Nano coatings have been developed to form an incredibly durable bond at a molecular level which creates a barrier between your vehicle and the environment.  To simplify it, the coatings provide a sacrificial layer which makes it more difficult for harmful contaminates such as dirt, bird bombs, water spots, bug guts, etc. to damage your paint.  We have specialized coatings that can be applied to nearly every surface including paint, wheels, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, and leather!

In addition to outstanding protection, nano coatings provide many other benefits that will help to make your life easier while keeping your car looking amazing.  These coatings produce incredible gloss which leave your paint looking like a mirror!  Also, the resistance to dirt and grime makes your vehicle stay cleaner for longer and also makes it much easier to wash and dry.  

If you're tired of waxing your car, and want to keep your vehicle looking better with less effort, these coatings are the perfect choice! Please see our Nano Coatings section for prices.


If you could bring back your vehicles paint to original condition for a fraction of the cost of a repaint, would you? If the answer is YES, keep reading.

Paint correction is the process of removing swirl marks, holograms, scratches, and other defects that detract from the beauty of your vehicle's paint. You mostly likely do not need to have your vehicle repainted to bring back it's original shine and beauty. 

Paint correction takes many hours and loads of expertise, but our dedication to excellence still stands. Not all paint defects can be corrected, but those that can will within the package and budget that you choose. Please see our Paint Correction section for prices. 



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